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The Overnight Coroner

We have a new release called The Overnight Coroner.  It’s an EP which fuses together a novella I’ve written and four character songs that tie in with its plot.  The story follows a character named Ryan, a 23 year old from New Jersey, who works overnight as a guard at the city morgue.

The recording features these four songs and an audiobook of me reading the story.  It can be purchased on iTunes or physically at our Bandcamp.  You can also stream the songs and read the story over here

Caged Animals - The Overnight Coroner Attends A Party (music video)

We are so pleased to share our newvideo for ‘The Overnight Coroner Attends A Party.’  The song is the lead track from a forthcoming concept EP called The Overnight Coroner.

The EP incorporates four new narrative songs as well as an audiobook of a novella I’ve written.  The title track, novella, and video all follow the same character, a young man who works the graveyard shift at a city morgue.

The video marks the second collaboration with our dear friend Mike McLean and stars Patrick Curry, our drummer, as The Overnight Coroner, my friend and collaborator Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman as Intolerant Hippy Father, and reprises the roll of my sister Talya Cacchione as a Goth Teenager from “The Sound Of Thunder” music video.  

We were lucky to capture some hilarious cameos from our friends Maura, Chris, and Paul who lent us some genuinely drunken performances.  Paul’s father, Mr. O’Sullivan was gracious enough to play the roll of the Daytime Coroner after returning to his home in Wayne, NJ and finding a bunch of strange people pretending to be dead in his garage.  This video was filmed in the days following Christmas, in the year 2013. 

In The Land Of Giants - Live Performance

To celebrate the release of our new album “In The Land Of Giants,” we will give a special performance of the entire record in order. This will also be our last show with Magali for a few months and also the first time we’ve played the entire album live. We will also be filming this show as a document of this era of our band!

Come hear these songs as the meticulously arranged and rehearsed symphonies they’ve become. We will also have a limited supply of the album on vinyl for a special discount just at this show! 

We will be joined by a stellar line-up of NYC musicians.


And a DJ performance by our friend Samantha Urbani (of Friends). 




It is with amazing gratitude and joy that we bring live performances of our new album “In The Land Of Giants” to our European friends this Winter 2014.  Thanks are due to our label Lucky Number Music for giving us access to this incredible opportunity and to our fans abroad, some of whom will be seeing us for the first time, we cannot wait to meet you and share this music.  Tickets may be purchased via the links below…

17/1/2014 - Antwerp, Belgium @ TRIX

18/1/2014 - Paris, France @ La Fleche d’Or

19/1/2014 - Cologne, Germany @ Studio 672

20/1/2014 - Hamburg, Germany @ Knust

21/1/2014 - Berlin, Germany @ Comet Club

22/1/2014 - Munich, Germany @ Milla Club

23/1/2014 - Salzburg, Austria @ Rockhouse

24/1/2014 - Linz, Austria @ Posthof

25/1/2014 - Vienna, Austria @ FM4 Festival

26/1/2014 - Innsbruck, Austria @ PMK

27/1/2014 - Graz, Austria @ PPC

28/1/2014 - Turin, Italy @ Astoria

29/1/2014 - Rome, Italy @ Circo Degli Artisti

30/1/2014 - Ravenna, Italy @ Bronson

31/1/2014 - Dornbirn, Austria @ Spielboden

  1/2/2014 - Baden, Switzerland @ One Of A Million Fest

  4/2/2014 - London, UK @ Sebright Arms

Our new video for “The Sound Of Thunder.”  Directed by Mike McLean & Vincent Cacchione.  Starring Talya Cacchione!

The Quiet Lunch did an awesome video interview and piece on Caged Animals!  Give it a watch!

Uncaged. @CagedAnimals @luckynumbermus

The Quiet Lunch did an awesome video interview and piece on Caged Animals!  Give it a watch!


Uncaged. @CagedAnimals @luckynumbermus

Caged Animals - Too Much Dark (Official Video)

An unlikely friendship is struck between a disfigured old-man and a little boy in Tobias Stretch’s new clip for Caged Animals’ “Too Much Dark.”  Offering an abstract but entirely sympathetic visual harmony with the existential themes of “Too Much Dark,” Stretch brings the viewer through a series of mirrored events in two people’s lives that lead them together.  

While both characters appear to lead lives without companionship, they find solace in each other, as they explore their shared neighborhood in Philadelphia.  It’s easy for this pair to enjoy each other’s company because they are both plagued by the same vision.  Chased from scene to scene by a glowing green jellyfish, their affinity for one another grows, as they learn what the jellyfish has come for.



We are so excited to announce a Fall Tour with our label mate Darwin Deez to all you North Americans!  Come hear us play our new album, In The Land Of Giants (coming out on 9/2) and all the hits you know and love!  We are so excited to share this new music with you!  The final show in NYC at the Knitting Factory will be a huge celebration because it’s Vin’s birthday! 

Love ,
Caged Animals
September 5th 2013
Montreal, QC at Il Motore BUY TICKETS
September 6th 2013
Toronto, ON at Legendary Horseshoe Tavern BUY TICKETS
September 7th 2013
Buffalo, NY at The Waiting Rooms BUY TICKETS
September 8th 2013
Detroit, MI at Magic Stick Lounge BUY TICKETS
September 9th 2013
Chicago, IL at Lincoln Hall BUY TICKETS
September 10th 2013
Iowa City, IA at Blue Moose Tap House BUY TICKETS
September 12th 2013
Denver, CO at Larimer Lounge BUY TICKETS
September 13th 2013
Salt Lake City, UT at Kilby Court BUY TICKETS
September 14th 2013
Las Vegas, NV at Beauty Bar BUY TICKETS
September 15th 2013
San Francisco, CA at Bottom Of The Hill BUY TICKETS
September 16th 2013
Los Angeles, CA at Troubadour BUY TICKETS
September 17th 2013
Flagstaff, AZ at The Green Room BUY TICKETS
September 18th 2013
Phoenix, AZ at Rhythm Room BUY TICKETS
September 20th 2013
Austin, TX at Holy Mountain BUY TICKETS
September 21st 2013
Dallas, TX at Club Dada BUY TICKETS
September 22nd 2013
New Orleans, LA at Gasa Gasa BUY TICKETS
September 25th 2013
Philadelphia at Johnny Brenda’s BUY TICKETS
September 26th 2013
Allston at Brighton Music Hall BUY TICKETS
September 28th 2013
Rochester, NY at Bug Jar BUY TICKETS
September 29th 2013
Brooklyn, NY at Knitting Factory BUY TICKETS



     Too Much Dark was the first song I wrote for the new Caged Animals record, In The Land Of Giants.  It’s a song that came to me at a vulnerable moment and helped me find my way to a stronger place. 

     I had just finished writing The Witching Hour, a record I made with Soft Black.  This was an album I began writing in 2008 during a period of vagrancy; living, secretly out of my old black Chevy, my friend Shilpa’s rehearsal space in Brooklyn, my girlfriend, Magali’s “no guests allowed” apartment, and my friend Matt’s futon.  It was a collection of songs that examined some really dark feelings I was holding onto and the culmination of a worldview that had begun sometime after my father died.

     Almost three years went into the writing of that album and by the time it was ready to be recorded a lot had changed.  The weight of my past began to feel a little lighter.   As I listened to the final recordings of The Witching Hour I couldn’t have felt anymore satisfied.   I had made it through this turbulent time and there was beautiful music on the other side.  But as the songs played, a certain guilt about the darkness of its emotional content began to nag at me.  It was the first time in those three years that I stopped to ask myself, if writing the album was something that needed to be done.  There was already so much darkness on this earth, why should I add to it with music?  While I’m still not sure what the real answer to that question is, the finished album remains unreleased to this day.  

     While I was coming to terms with these feelings, I was doing a lot of searching and reflecting.  I thought briefly that I wouldn’t write anymore and almost all of that year passed without a single song being written (significant because I am normally an obsessive songwriter, I wrote almost 100 songs before choosing the 10 that would be on The Witching Hour, for instance). 

     Around this time I was lucky enough to see Jeff Mangum’s return to live performance at a friend’s loft space in Brooklyn.  The show was staggering.  Each note reverberating off the beautiful old wooden floors, echoing straight through our bodies and hearts.  I watched some people around me tear up, other’s looked like a deep chill had entered the room.  It was the most emotionally direct show I’d ever seen.  When it was over I spoke with Jeff, for the first time, introduced indirectly by our mutual friend, Neil Rough, who wasn’t in attendance, but was the reason why we were able to see this performance.  

     Jeff was tender and sweet, aware of the power that had just come over him and all in the room, but humble in its presence.  I went home inspired and deeply intrigued by what Jeff was capable of doing.  I needed to understand why this thing, that felt so pure and selfless, could’ve separated from him for so long.  The next night I read an older interview with him that helped me understand it a little better. 

     In the interview he talked about why he didn’t want to share his post-Aeroplane songs.  I felt I could identify in my own way.  He’d come to a point where he’d lost a touch of innocence and the sort of pain that was coming through in the music wasn’t something he was hoping to communicate with others.  He decided it would be better to remain silent then to let these ideas out, a decision I both admired and feared.

     I thought about Jeff’s decision and began to ask myself some serious questions.  Why did I want to write songs in the first place?  What did I really want to tell people and make them feel?  I knew honesty was important to me and didn’t regret the work I’d done but I was hoping there was something more inside of me.  Something that could offer some optimism to myself and to my friends.  

     “Too Much Dark” was the musical answer to this spiritual dilemma.  Fueled by the inspiration of the previous night’s performance and the intensity of the conclusion I had just come to, I wrote it in a fever in about five-minutes.  My entire body was overcome with it and I wept.  Its one of the purest feelings I’ve ever been able to put into song and a sentiment that would both renew my excitement in writing and ultimately guide the making of this album.  It’s my great pleasure to share it with you today, patient friends…

<3 Vin

July 10th, 2013

Hawthorne, NJ